Many kinds of UV Sterilizer can be supplied by us , ranges from small UV sterilizer (6-55w) to large UV sterilizer (above 110w). UV sterilizer is widely used in the residential water treatment , sewage water treatment , swimming pool , as well as factories ect . Whatever you need can be offered by us . Welcome your inquiry by email [email protected]

Ultraviolet rays are divided into four bands, A, B, C, and D, and the C band has a bactericidal effect. Among them, the ultraviolet rays around 254nm in the C wave have the strongest bactericidal ability. Our ultraviolet sterilizer uses the 254nm wavelength to disinfect water bodies.

Yes, we can offer customization service and we have already done some similar projects as per clients request .

Ultraviolet sterilizer has the advantages of high stability of irradiation intensity, sterilization life up to 9000 hours, high transmittance quartz glass tube, light transmittance ≥ 87%, unit price is also moderate than similar products, sterilization life after 8000 hours, Its radiation intensity remains stable at 253.7um

1. Can quickly and effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms;

2. Through photolysis, it can effectively degrade chlorides in water;

3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance;

4. Small footprint and large amount of treated water;

5. No pollution, strong environmental protection, no toxic and side effects;

6. Low investment cost, low operating cost and convenient equipment installation;

7. Using the optical principle, a unique inner wall treatment process is designed, so that the ultraviolet rays can be used to the maximum extent in the cavity, and the sterilization effect is doubled.

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