Whether it is water purification or sewage treatment systems, accessories play an indispensable role. Many buyers will encounter such problems in procurement. Membrane elements, shell components, etc. are easy to purchase, but accessories are not provided by the factory. Then Tianjin Decho is your best choice. We are committed to an one-stop purchase service. Here, you can buy both the main material and the corresponding accessories. Greatly saves your purchasing time and cost. Welcome your inquiry by email [email protected]

Water Distributor and Riser Tube  / Multiport Control Valve/ Brine Tank and Brine Valve

Dosing Pump  / Dosing Tank /Filter Housing/Filter Bags

Water Pump /EDI/UV Sterilizer /Ozone Generator

conductivity meter/resistivity meter /PH meter

Flow Meter /Pressure Gangue/ Pressure Switch /Solenoid Valve


Delivery time is within 3- 7 days .

By DHL / UPS / Fedex ect

By TT , West Union , ALI PAY ect