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Halloween season is the best time of year to get creative with your nails! Here are 10 hot ideas to get you started.

Aztec Nail Art

Aztec nail art design

Aztec nail art is a great way to bring a touch of bold, tribal pattern to your look. Perfect for those who want to make a statement, you can use these designs to add a bit of edge to your nails.

Black Cat Nail Art

Black cat nail art design

This black cat design is absolutely purfect for all the cat lovers out there. Easy to recreate, simply use a thin nail art brush and black nail polish to create this look.

Spider Web Nail Art

Spider web nail art design

This striking spiderweb design is perfect for fans of creepy crawlers. The simple yet effective pattern is surprisingly easy to do, and you can easily customize it with different color combinations.

Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail art design

Show off your wild side with this abstract design! This look combines sparkles with a glossy finish to create a really eye catching design.

Blood Drippings Nail Art

Blood drippings nail art design

Make you nails look like they’ve been in a Halloween horror movie! This gasping drippping pattern looks like you’ve been in a fight with a zombie and came out unscathed.

Boo Moon Nail Art

Boo moon nail art design

This spooky moon design is perfect for all the Halloween fans out there. Easy to customize, you can use different shades to create the easiest Halloween mani.

Skeleton Nail Art

Skeleton nail art design

This skeleton look is designed to be easy to recreate but still looks great. Use thin nail art lines to ensure a sharp, clean finish – a perfect design to get you in the spooky spirit.

Zombie Nail Art

Zombie nail art design

Give your nails a look that’ll make all your friends do a double take. This zombie inspired mani is designed to look seriously creep but can still be easily recreated.

Pumpkin Nail Art

Pumpkin nail art design

This pumpkin inspired mani is
10 hot Halloween nail art ideas to try this season - ABC News