Ranveer Singh Long Hairstyle

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Ranveer Singh is no doubt one of the most stylish celebrities in the couture. He flaunts a great sense of fashion that makes everybody go gaga over him. Even his hairstyles are something that deserve special mention. He experiments with his hairdo from time to time and each and every look he carries is simply stunning. So, let’s take a look at 20 best hairstyles of Ranveer Singh that are absolutely amazing.

1. The Peppy Pony

A picture of Ranveer Singh with a ponytail

Ranveer looks handsome with a high ponytail. The messy look gives him a peppy look. Also, you can clearly see the ombre effect in his brown and black hair. Also, the eyeliner adds a great charm to his look.

2. The Man Bun

A picture of Ranveer Singh with a man bun

Man buns are the new trendsetters and Ranveer keeps proving this again and again. This look of Ranveer is chic and casual just the way it should be. His man bun is looking tidy and it is styled in the right way

3. The High Slick Back

A picture of Ranveer Singh with a high slick back hairstyle

Ranveer looks like a true fashionista when he sports a high slick back hairstyle. This uber cool hairdo of Ranveer looks very suave and it is the perfect example of class and gentleness. The hairdo is something that’s totally worth a try.

4. The Spiky Top

A picture of Ranveer Singh sporting a spiky top hairstyle

This hairdo of Ranveer gives an edgy look to his style. It’s the perfect mix of a punk rocker and a decent boy. The hairstyle looks quite different and quite funny, and when styled properly, it gives a perfect level of slickness.

5. Caesar Cut

A picture of Ranveer Singh sporting a caesar cut

This is one look that Ranveer seems to love quite a lot. He sports a Caesar cut quite often and looks suave. This is one hairstyle that has been quite popular since a couple of years, and Ranveer looks dashing in it.

6. The Crop Top

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