Red And Black Hairstyle

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Bellas, you know who you are— gorgeous, daring, fiery and redheaded at heart. And today we’re talking about black hair with red highlights, so you know I won’t be passing up this opportunity. Let’s get ready to color our hair red!

Natural Black Hair With Red Highlights

Black hair with red highlights
Let’s start with a sleek and simple highlight option. Natural black hair with red highlights is a nice introductory style. You can create thick or thin streaks of balayage and ombre, without drastically changing your color. A light sprinkle of red over natural black hair looks beautiful, particularly if your target look is a subtle color change.

Vibrant Red Hair and Black Highlights

Black hair with red highlights
Ready to turn heads this weekend? Get a bold, vibrant red hair color that everyone will notice. Then, enhance your style with black highlights for a two-tone color you’ll love. Messy waves in red and black look amazing, plus the contrast of the two colors paired together looks super awesome!

Muted Red Hair With Black Lowlights

Black hair with red highlights
If you’re naturally black-haired, but you still want to evoke a different look with red, muted red hair with black lowlights is a really stunning option. Go for a darkish red hair color with a slight berry tint, while still keeping the black lowlights. It’s an excellent way of adding some vibrancy to your dark hair color.

Red and Blonde Balayage For Dark Hair

Black hair with red highlights
Last but not least, red and blonde balayage for dark hair. Do you struggle to decide between red and blonde hues? Or can’t choose just one? Then why not both! Blonde and red balayage is utterly ravishing when done right. Think of it as orange-tinted blondes and strawberry colored highlights— a pretty and unique look you can be sure won’t go unnoticed.

So which black hair with red highlights do you like best? Whether you’re going for something soft, daring or both, dare to be yourself! Change it up and switch it to red this weekend, you’re worth it!

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