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Red and black nail art can bring an exciting splash of color to your fingertips! Whether you’re looking for a subtle, sophisticated look or something more daring, these two colors can give your nails a stylish edge. From classic ombre designs to punky spikes, there’s a design to suit every style. Take a look at some of the hottest red and black nail art designs here.

Red Ombre Nail Art

Ombre nails are a great way to combine both colors in one manicure. Start with a bright cherry red for the base coat and gradually blend it with a sleek black for the tips. The result is an eye-catching transition that instantly draws attention. To add even more definition and depth, use a thin strip of white at the tip of the middle nails to divide the colors.

Red and black ombre fade effect on nails

V-Shaped Nail Art

For a striking look that stands out, why not try a V-shaped manicure? Start with a glossy black base and extend it outwards. Then, add a red tip to each nail, hitting a sharp angle to create a v-shaped pattern. To complete the fashion-forward look, add a thick white outline in between while the black and red overlap.

Sharp V shape red and black nail art design

Spiky Nail Art

For a more fun, daring design, add some spiky details. To achieve this brand of ‘90s punk-chic, start with a deep red coat on all nails. Then, use a small brush to draw thick lines of black across the tips and up the sides of each nail for the spiky effect. For a finishing touch, add three or four small spikes at the base of your nail bed.

Sharp spike lines on deep red nails

Dot Nail Art

Dot nail art is a great way to mix the two colors together. Start by painting each nail with a dazzling red. Then, take a thin brush and add black polka dots on the tips and sides of each nail. Alternatively, fill in some of the dots with a glossy white color for an opposites-attract look.

Red with black polka dots and white outlines on nails

Striped Nail Art

Create a daring look with black and red stripes. Start with a thick, high-shine black coat. Then, place a stripe of red down the center of each nail, extending it across all five. For added impact, shape each red stripe into a point at the tip. If you’re feeling extra creative, try detailed chevron or geometric patterns.

Black and red stripes on nails

Glitter Nail Art

For a glamorous look, try combining glittery red and sultry black. Paint the base coat with a decadent red glitter, then add a thin black line at the tips and around the cuticles. To let both shades shine, add a few sparkly black pieces around the red glitter.

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