Rose Braids Hairstyle

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Long hair can be so versatile when it comes to hairstyling. From braids to curls and twists, there’s something special about having long locks that makes hairstyling possibilities seem infinite. One of the go-to choices for ladies with long hair is the half-up or half-down style. It’s a simple yet elegant hairstyle that creates a unique and flattering look when wearing your hair down, while keeping the long strands secure.

Braided Half-Up

 A woman with brown, shoulder length hair wearing a braided half-up half-down hairstyle

This braided half-up hairstyle is perfect for a jewelry night. Start by adding soft curls throughout. Then sweep the front sections of hair back and slightly twist before securing with an elastic. Finish with a few bobby pins to get sparkly accents. To complete the look, we suggest a statement earring, plus a cute mini clutch in your hand.

High Ponytail

A woman with light brown and white streaked hair wearing a high ponytail

Trying to make a statement? Then the high ponytail is for you. It will instantly shift your look to a chic and sophisticated style. To get the look, first pull your hair up high with an elastic band. Then backcomb lightly underneath the band to give an extra bit of volume to the ponytail. Finally, wrap a section of the tail around the elastic and secure with bobby pins to achieve this timeless style.

Criss Cross

A woman with long dark hair wearing a criss-cross updo hairstyle

The criss cross updo is one of the most popular choices for a formal occasion. Its fullness and vibrancy are the perfect accents for any look. To achieve the look, separate the crown from the front sections of hair. Then pull the rest of hair up and secure with an elastic. Finally, twist two pieces of the front section and cross them over each other to complete the updo.

Modern Chignon

A woman with long dark hair styled in a modern chignon hairstyle

The modern chignon is one of the hottest looks of the season. It exudes a delicate yet daring style that will flaunt your confidence. You can create the timeless look by first putting your hair into a low ponytail. Then twist the tail and wrap it up in a bun. Secure with pins and finish with light hairspray. An added tip is to incorporate mini barrettes for an extra flair.

With these great hairstyles, you’re sure to turn the heads of many. Whether your next occasion is formal or informal, you can make a statement with your lovely long locks. So get ready to look amazing with your new hairstyle.

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