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Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen is a must for girls who creativity and fun for their next nail art endeavors. Famous for their designs and expertise, girls are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results of their nail art when using a Sally Hansen product. The 01 White color from Sally Hansen is a great starter choice for those who are new to nail art and want to begin with something that can go on any color and become the foundation. The pen and cap each measure 5.5 inches which makes it perfect for those with small hands or those who like to get close detail. The pen comes with 0.067 FL OZ of the product, which means that it is a good size to get started but if you’re a serious nail artist or a salon worker, then you can purchase the larger version.

The Application Process

The Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen 01 White is easy to apply. There’s a lid and a pen bottom, each very easy to grip and use. Inside, the pen contains the white paint to apply on your nail. To get started, make sure you have your nails filed and clean. Then, when you’re ready to apply, turn up the pen and carefully paint your nail or nail design. Make sure to take your time and practice so you can get the desired result.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen 01 White

The Nail Art Pen allows for endless possibilities when you have an active imagination and a steady hand. The 01 White color is a great base for any type of design and can be a good starting point into a world of colorful and interesting designs. Want to add decals? Go for it! Want to check out some fancy 3D designs? Have at it! The point is that there is a lot of potential with the Nail Art Pen, making it fun and interesting for girls.

The Ingredients

The Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen 01 White is vegan-friendly, meaning that it contains no animal by-products or anything that is derived from an animal. Additionally, the Pen is enamel-safe so it’s friendly to your nails and won’t strip it of any natural oils. The Pen is also water-based and has a odor-free formula that won’t have a strong smell when used.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen 01 White comes with a simple and easy application process, vegan and enamel-safe ingredients, and a color that’s perfect for beginners. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Nail Art Pen can give you a beautiful and interesting manicure.

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