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Christmas is only a few days away and you don’t want to miss out on getting festive nails to show off your holiday spirit. With a few simple steps and a few supplies, you can easily make your nails look like Santa’s hat!

Tools You’ll Need

  • A pen or a stamper
  • White, red and black nail polishes
  • Topcoat and base coat

Making the Santa Hat

Start by applying the base and topcoat to your nails to protect them and get them ready for the nail art. Then apply two coats of red nail polish and let it dry. Now you’ll need the white, red and black nail polish. Take the black nail polish and make a semicircle shape at the top of your nails. To make the white fur, take the white nail polish and create wavy lines around the red to make the hat. Add small details by using the black nail polish here and there.

Let It Dry Before Applying Topcoat

Let everything dry before you apply the topcoat. This will protect the nail art and make it last longer. Once the nail art is dried and set, you can show off your nails and get ready for all the festivities to come!

Santa hat nails are a great way to add some fun and Christmas cheer to your nails and look your best this holiday season. We hope this easy nail art tutorial made it easier for you to get festive nails in no time!

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