Shahid Kapoor Long Hairstyle

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Let’s show some love to the love guru of Indian cinema, Shahid Kapoor! His long hairstyle in 2020’s is the talk of the town. From TV commercials to romantic movies, Mr. Kapoor has been the ideal man of many hearts. Let’s take a look at his newest hairstyle.

The Cool Clean Look

Shahid Kapoor's Long Hairstyle 2020

Shahid Kapoor’s long hairstyle in 2020 is the pinnacle of poise and professionalism. His new style is a straight, clean-cut look with a side part and facial scruff to add a bit of edge. It’s the perfect blend of cool and class. What’s more, Mr. Kapoor’s updated look is the perfect balance of office-ready look with the effortless trust of a romantic lead.

Sweep away the Competition

Shahid Kapoor's Long Hairstyle 2020

With all that said, there’s no denying the appeal of Shahid Kapoor’s long hairstyle. The volume and texture, the soft layers, the symmetrical style – it all add up to one of the most coveted looks of the year. His signature long locks sweep away the competition – especially when coupled with that distinguished facial hair.

The Man in the Mirror

Shahid Kapoor's Long Hairstyle 2020

What makes Shahid Kapoor’s long hairstyle so special? With the right care and maintenance, this look is sure to roar through 2020. We think part of the charm comes from his natural confidence – he wears his style with vibrancy and swagger. Put simply, some of us look better when we understand ourselves, and Shahid Kapoor is a great example of one who knows how to work with the man in the mirror.

Shahid Kapoor Long Hairstyle - Best Haircut 2020