Shahid Kapoor Short Hairstyle

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We all know Shahid Kapoor, who is usually known for his romantic roles in Bollywood. Recently, he has stepped out of the box and has taken on some daring roles in action films. He is definitely one of the sexiest men in India, and his style is always on point.

Shahid Kapoor’s Spiky Hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor with Spiky Hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor is always seen wearing his hair in different lengths and styles. However, his most famous hairstyle is the spiky look. It is so popular that many people have taken inspiration from him and cut their hair this way too. The spiky hairstyle is done with an undercut that makes the hair look even spikier. He pairs this look with a slick side part and usually adds some product to give it some extra volume.

The spiky hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and it is suitable for both long and shorter hair. It is also great for those who want a more modern look. To do this hairstyle, one has to use a good amount of product and make sure that the sides are cut closely to the scalp. This will help to create the desired shape and add thickness to the hair.

Shahid Kapoor has definitely set a trend in India and all of his fans love his spiky hairstyle. He is also a great role model for all men and boys who want to try something new and stylish. His spiky hairstyle is perfect for all occasions, whether it is a special night out or hanging out with friends.

Shahid Kapoor