Short Asian Hairstyle

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Most Asian women are known for their long, beautiful locks. However, a shorter hairstyle can be just as gorgeous. This spring, take the plunge and opt for a shorter hairstyle that will fit your lifestyle and make you stand out. From pixie cuts to bob styles, try out one of these 50 Glorious Short Hairstyles for Asian Women this summer 2018-2019.

Layered Bob

Asian woman with a layered bob haircut

Go for a classic and sleek look with a short and stylish layered bob. This look is great for women with straight or wavy hair, and the layers give the look more movement. Accessorize it with bright clips or pins for a fun and flirty look.

Choppy Bob

Asian woman with a choppy bob haircut

If you want a more edgy look, go for a choppy bob. This cut is great for women with round faces because it gives the illusion of an oval-shaped face. This hairstyle is also full of texture, so it’s great for making a statement.

Textured Bob

Asian woman with a textured bob haircut

For a softer look, opt for a textured bob. This cut is shorter in the back, with longer layers in the front. The combination of the shorter back and longer layers in the front makes the hairstyle look full and textured.

Shaggy Bob

Asian woman with a shaggy bob haircut

Show off your outgoing personality with a shaggy bob. This hairstyle is a short, choppy bob with lots of texture and movement. It has layers that are slightly longer in the front for an added touch of dimension. To finish the look, add a few products to create a piece-y texture.

Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a pixie cut hairstyle

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re looking for a daring look this summer, try out a pixie cut. This style is trendy and gives off a strong yet delicate look. To add some texture and make the style look softer, you can opt for razor layers.

Shaggy Pixie

Asian woman with a shaggy pixie cut hairstyle

For a unique pixie cut, try the shaggy pixie. This style is perfect for women with thin hair because the volume makes it look fuller. Long-layered bangs add to the overall beauty of the style, while still keeping it chic and simple.

Faux Hawk

Asian woman with a faux hawk hairstyle

Experiment with a bold and edgy faux hawk. This style looks great on Asian women because of their long faces and dark hair color. The sides are cut short, while the top is kept longer for an interesting contrast. Play around with different product and finishes for added texture.

Undercut Bob

50 Glorious Short Hairstyles for Asian Women for Summer Days 2018-2019