Short Black Hairstyle With Bangs

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Throughout the years, styling and coloring options for black hair have made it possible for ladies to keep up with the latest trends while looking chic and gorgeous. Women with short black hair can take advantage of the many styling options, such as accentuating their facial features with bangs. Short black hairstyles with bangs can be styled either messy, giving an edgy, creative feel; or it can be styled sleek and smooth, creating a sophisticated look. Here are 12 of the coolest black hairstyles with bangs that you can use for inspiration:

1. Short Black Bob with Short Bangs

Short black bob with short bangs

A short black bob and subtle side-swept bangs make up a great, sassy hairstyle that is easy to maintain. The added bangs draw attention to the eyes, creating a sophisticated and appealing look.

2. Highlighted, Tapered Bob and Bangs

Highlighted, tapered bob and bangs

Highlighting just the top part of the head and ear length, tapered bob and spikes of bangs create a unique, heads-turning hairstyle. The highlights bring out the stark contrast between the natural black and create a stylish, urban look that can be adapted for any occasion.

3. Classic Afro

Classic afro

Just because the hair is short doesn’t mean the afro is out of the question. Short afros are great with just the right amount of bounce and volume. Texture is built in with the short, curly hair, while the wide band of bangs give the hairstyle character.

4. Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle, with its sculpted and pulled-back style, gives an air of sophistication and glamour. Short sides with a bountiful top create volume and texture, perfect for turning a casual look into something more sophisticated.

5. Short Black Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

Short black hairstyle with side swept bangs

Short black hair with long, side swept bangs create a pleasant, classic look. Styled with the tips of the hair angled down, the look creates depth and volume. The long bangs draw attention to the eyes, completing the look.

6. Short Curls with Bangs

Short curls with bangs

This look shows off tight, wild curls with long bangs to frame the face. A rather daring yet stylish hairstyle that leaves one elegant and modern.

7. Sleek and Chic Layers

Sleek and chic layers

Neck length bob hairstyle with one-sided bangs creates a memorable look. This look is sleek and chic, with smooth, shiny locks that create a classic, polished look.

8. Deep Side Part

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