Short Forehead Hairstyle

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Having a short forehead can be tricky when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Do you go for something that covers up your forehead, or opt for something that enhances your features? We’re here to help you make the most out of the hairstyle that’s perfect for your small forehead!

Side Swept Waves

side swept wavy hair

If you want to show off your forehead without adding too much volume, you can go for a sleek side-swept look. Start your look by using a curling iron or a straightener and creating loose waves at the crown of your head. Pull the front layers to the side, and spray in some texture spray for extra hold. This style looks superb with a smokey eye and subtle lipstick.

Bob With Fringe

bob with fringe hair

For a look that is perfect for any occasion, go for a bob with a fringe. This style looks great with curly or straight hair and will give you added volume. To style this look, curl or straighten the rest of your hair and add a fringe to the front. The fringe should be long enough to cover up your forehead, but not too long that it takes away from the length of your bob.

Wavy Lob

wavy lob hair

Upgrade your short hairstyle with a chic wavy lob! This style is perfect for anyone wanting to draw attention away from their short forehead. To get the look, use a large curling wand to create waves throughout. Set the waves with some hairspray and you’re ready to go! If you have bangs, curl them and let them hang a bit more around your forehead.

Curly Pixie

curly pixie hair

Show off your curls with a short pixie cut! This style is great for anyone with a short forehead, as it adds volume to the sides. To achieve this look, use a curling iron to curl the top sections of your hair. You can either wear it slicked back with some hairspray, or add some texturizing cream to give it a more natural look. This style looks great with wispy bangs or a side-swept fringe.

Elevated Ponytail

elevated ponytail hair

A great way to draw attention away from a short forehead is with an elevated ponytail. To achieve this style, part your hair in the middle, then tease the top sections and brush them up to create volume. Pull the teased sections into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. You can also accessorize with a headband or a fun hair clip.

Twisted Top Knot

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