Short Hair Hairstyle For Saree

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Sarees are a beautiful, and timeless, Indian style of dress. But often, when it comes to wearing one, the concern turns to how to do up the hairdo to go with it. Putting your hair up can often feel like a difficult task. However, rocking a saree with great hairstyle can be both fashionable and effortless. Here are 35 amazing hairstyles for sarees that are both contemporary and beautiful!

1. Plait, Bun and Bindi

Photo of the Plait, Bun and Bindi hairstyles

This pretty hairdo is perfect for the summertime. Simply plait your hair into one single braid and pull it into a high bun at the top of your head. Put on a bindi and add some jhumka-style earrings for a traditional and beautiful look.

2. Classic Ponytail with a Twist

Photo of the Classic Ponytail with a Twist hairstyle

Take your ponytail game up a notch with this gorgeous look. After making a high ponytail, comb out the sides of the hair and leave them open. For a twist, join another strand of the hair with the ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

3. Floral Side Hairdo

Photo of the Floral Side Hairdo hairstyle

For a different and stylish version of the classic braid, try the floral side hairstyle. Start with a low side ponytail and braid a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail itself. Secure it at the end with a bobby pin.

4. Two Side Braids with a Back Bun

Photo of the Two Side Braids with a Back Bun hairstyle

This look exudes innocence and delicacy. Braid your hair into two twin side braids and make a back bun out of the remaining hair. This look is straightforward but impeccably beautiful.

5. Accessorized Updo

Photo of the Accessorized Updo hairstyle

A neat bun is always a classic hairdo for sarees. However, why not add some drama with a few hair accessories? By adding some flowers you can create the perfect wedding accessory to go with your saree.

6. Knotted Saree Braid

Photo of the Knotted Saree Braid hairstyle

This looks is quite the beauty! Start with small horizontal sections of the hair and run them through each other to form knots at the back of the head. This hairstyle is perfect for any type of occasion, whether it’s a party or a formal gathering.

7. Vintage Roll

Photo of the Vintage Roll hairstyle

This hairdo is reminiscent of the old-world charm of the 1950s. Make a deep side partition and take the hair from one side and roll it up. Put pins in place, and you’re good to go.