Short Hairstyle For Round Chubby Face

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Everyone knows the struggle of having a round, chubby face. It’s hard to find the perfect hairstyle that perfectly fits your face shape. But don’t fret! We’ve curated the best short hairstyles for round chubby faces out there, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the right cut no more.

Chin-Length Bob

woman with a chin-length bob

A chin-length bob is one of the most elegant and popular haircuts that look great on round chubby faces. It gives the face definition and a flattering shape, making this look a safe yet timeless choice. A bob is also a great way to experiment with different kinds of layered bangs for more texture and dimension to your cut.

Wispy Fringe

woman with a wispy fringe

Don’t be afraid to get fringe! It’s a great style if you want to create a more refined round look. Try wispy, choppy bangs that are short and a bit longer in the center to create a flattering effect on your face. Though it might look a bit intimidating, you’ll be surprised at how good you will look with this kind of cut.

Voluminous Curls

woman with voluminous curls

Round faces can be defined by their voluminous curls. This look is perfect if you like the curlier looks, as it frames your face nicely and gives the eyes and cheekbones more definition. But be sure to not over-curl your hair, as this will make your face look a bit too rounder than it is.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

woman with a shaggy pixie cut

The shaggy pixie cut is another great hairstyle for round chubby faces. It adds volume to the sides of the head and thickness to the crown area. With this cut, your hair has more movement and texture, which is great for breaking up monotonic roundness in your face structure.

Uneven Layer Cut

woman with an uneven layer cut

An uneven layer cut is perfect for people with a round face as it adds dimension to the look. The layers add a bit of height and fullness to the crown area while its wispy ends give the face a slimming effect. The end result looks stylish yet natural.

So fear no more if you have a round chubby face! There are plenty of flattering hairstyles that you can choose from to frame your face in the best way. Just remember to make sure you stay confident and rock it with pride!

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