Short Spiky Hairstyle

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Are you fed up with your long, limp graying hair? Well, you can be sure that sporting a short spiky hairdo for men can work wonders for your style. Spiky and bold, this hairdo oozes confidence and machismo, and is sure to make you the centre of attention wherever you go. We take a look at 25 of the best Short Spiky Haircuts for Guys which, if done correctly, can make you look amazing!

Modern Twist

This modern twist on a classic spiky hairdo is sure to be a hit. Cut close to the scalp and fading at the back, the top of the hair has streaks in different shades, a bold look sure to make a statement. The hair is gelled out at the sides and back, with a modern undercut and finished off with a brushback of the top hair.

Modern twist spiky hairdo for men

Silver Fox

This daring take on an old classic is a fail-safe way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. This look is formed with a mix of silver and light brown tones layered over the top, giving dimension and style. The hair is gelled slightly down at the back and up at the sides with a slicking-down of the front giving an overall style of choppiness and class.

Silver fox spiky hairdo for men

Blue Tint

This modern spiky hairdo has a unique tint of blue at the tops and is gelled into short spikes. The sides and back of the hair have a modern undercut and a small line of blonde streaks underneath running up and over the top of the head. This fun colouring gives a great contrast to the overall look and the modern undercut gives it a sharp designer finish.

Blue tint spiky hairdo for men

Long Top, Short Sides

This timeless look places emphasis on the sides, with the top kept bold and long. The hair is softly gelled back from the forehead, with the sides and back undercut, giving this traditional style a modern twist. The top layer of the hair is meant to be bold and long with the spikiness coming naturally.

Long top short sides spiky hairdo for men


This hairdo has an edginess to it with the natural kinky hair being held back with a gel. This textured look gives you a feel of wildness, but with a modern twist. The front two sections of the hair are brushed back and shorter, with the back and sides slightly longer and undercut giving it a modern textured look.

Textured spiky hairdo for men

Short Back, Long Front

This style is defined by the contrast between the back and the front. The back is kept short and closely shaved and then gradually falls into a longer and more volumized layer in front. The top of the head is finished off with a gelled-back look, creating a powerful and cutting edge overall look.

Short back long front spiky hairdo for men

Volume at the Roots

This hairstyle can easily be achieved with
25 Best Short Spiky Haircuts For Guys