Short Wavy Hairstyle For Round Face

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When it comes to hairstyles, women with round face shapes often have a hard time finding the perfect cut. With even proportions, round faces lack the definition and angle of other face shapes and as such often need cuts that provide the illusion of greater dimension. Lucky for us, there are a number of different cuts that purposefully address the struggles of round faced women. And one popular option amongst these are short wavy hairstyles – offering plenty of volume and lots of movement, these cuts can add personality to any round face.

Choppy Layers

woman with short wavy hair

If you’re looking to add some added depth to your round face, choppy layers can be just the thing. With this cut, layers are cut at varying lengths, but the focus points are true to the perimeter so that your face shape does not get overwhelmed. With the addition of loose waves and delicate curls, you can enjoy plenty of movement and texture all throughout the cut.

Chin Length Bob

woman with chin length bob cut

One popular option for women with round faces is the chin-length bob. This cut can provide you with a number of style options. By opting to add waves and highlights to your bob, you can enjoy an eye-catching look. By keeping the back at a slightly longer length, you can ensure the sides frame your face and bring out more definition.

Angled Bob

woman with angled bob cut

To make a stronger statement, consider a chin-length bob with an angle. You can have the front of the cut shorter than the back, or opt for an angled line from front to the nape of the neck. With this look, you will be able to show off its long pieces, which can make your face appear longer.

Blunt Bob

woman with blunt bob cut

For a surefire way to evade the tendencies of a round face to appear flat, consider a blunt bob. These bobs offer a hard line to restructure your face shape. The look can be extra striking with a dramatic color or highlights. A blunt bob with some body can be quite chic and look great with haircuts that frame the face.

Minimal Bodice

woman with wavy pixie cut

For something a little more daring, consider a minimal bodice pixie. Not only is this style fun and edgy, it can also provide your face with a dramatic structure. With the body concentrated at the top of the hair and sides trimmed for a more defined look, you can enjoy lots of personality throughout the look.

Side Parted Shag

woman with side parted shag cut

The side-parted shag is another popular short wavy style for women with round faces. With lots of layers, this option adds volume and dynamic movement, and you can also enjoy some added length to slim the face. This cut features more styling freedom – it can be worn tousled and wild, or slick and straight.

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