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This season, opt for a sassy style that leaves you looking chic & carefree – Short Weave Hairstyles 2018! Whether you’re attempting to channel a Hollywood glamour icon from a by-gone era, simply trying to switch up your look or trying to maintain a classic look, weave hairstyles can take your style to new levels. Weaves can come pre-packaged in many different colors so if you’re looking for vibrant locks, you can achieve it in a jiffy!

A-line Bob

A youthful and edgy choice, the A-line bob is a timeless style. Put a modern twist on it with a deep side part and heavily textured layers.

A-line bob weave hairstyle

This look is great for any hair type and is modern but still a classic. The weave can be cut in different lengths, for a more uniform style or a more sharp and edgy silhouette, just clip the layers in at the crown for more volume.

Pixie Cut

For a style that’s easy to maintain, the pixie is a great option! This look is ideal for fine hair as it adds density and volume. With a pixie weave you can also choose to add some soft highlights which adds dimension and can help take away the flatness of the cut.

Pixie cut weave hairstyle

Be sure to take advantage of styling tools such as hairspray, mousse and heat protectants to hold the style throughout the day. Use texturing products to achieve a more shaggy look that adds life to the style.


Another classic look that never goes out of style is the bang style. Depending on the length you’re going for, bangs can be added to a pixie cut, a bob, or even an ultra long weave hairstyle.

Weave hairstyle with bangs

A great way to add some personality to your new style is to incorporate gradients with subtle highlights or even some streaking along the bangs themselves. Keeping the bangs slightly longer than normal will also give you some versatility in your style if you want to flip aside the fringes on certain occasions.


One style you will never tire of is the ponytail. With a weave you can have freedom of choice in deciding exactly how tight or loose your ponytail should be. This look is especially convenient for active lifestyles when you need to be up and about and don’t have time to fuss over your hair.

Ponytail weave hairstyle

The ponytail look is great for any texture of hair so there’s no worries if you’re a natural gal or if you’re taking advantage of the wonderful benefits of a weave. The options with a ponytail are seemingly limitless; add waves, go for a sleek look, opt for volume, the choice is yours.

With these trendy and timeless looks, you can show off your Short Weave Hairstyles 2018 with confidence. Not only do these styles give you an instant boost of glamour but you can also have peace of mind knowing that your tresses are safe and protected. Don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter with your style!

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