Short Wedge Hairstyle

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Short wedge haircuts can create a modern yet classic hairstyle perfect for all types of occasions. The short wedge cut can be tailored to fit any face shape or hair type, making it a great style for women of all ages. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, this style is sure to create a stunning impression!

Classic Look

Classic Wedge Haircut

The classic wedge haircut features a straight, even cut across the back and sides with a little bit more length in the front. This style typically varies in length, from a few inches to just above the chin. The classic wedge can be accessorized with a headband or hat for a flirty look, or tamed down with a bit of styling wax for an effortless everyday style.

Edgy Look

Edgy Wedge HaircutIf you’re looking to make an edgy statement, the wedge cut is the perfect style to make an impact. For medium or long wedge cuts, ask your stylist for sharper tapering at the sides for a more angled look. This style works especially great for thicker hair types. To get a sleek look, try using a flat iron and some styling gel.

Choppy Look

Choppy Wedge Haircut

The choppy wedge cut is perfect for giving hair volume and depth. To get this look, request your stylist to add lots of short layers, starting at the top and working the way to the bottom. This look is unique and quirky and works especially great with thick hair types. Spritz your hair with some texturizing spray for some extra lift and volume!

Braided Look

Braided Wedge Haircut

The braided wedge look is an incredibly trendy and fun style. To get this look, start by braiding two small braids on the sides of your hair, one on each side. For thicker hair types, add an extra braid if needed. Once the braids are completed, fold them back and tuck them into the rest of hair. This style creates a cool and flirty look without too much effort.

Short wedge haircuts are a great way to look modern and classic without taking too much time. Whether you are looking for an edgy, classic, choppy, or braided look, the wedge cut is sure to make a statement. Try experimenting with different styles to find the perfect look for you!

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