Shoulder Length Hairstyle Pictures

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The shoulder length haircut is a classic look for women. It is versatile, easy to manage and looks good on almost everyone.

Celebrities Who Rock Shoulder-Length Hair

Celebrity with medium length hair

It is easy to see why celebrities choose this look. It allows them to switch up their style with ease. We have seen popular actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick wearing it. It is a great way to look modern and not too overdone.

Different Types of Shoulder-Length Cuts

Woman with layered shoulder length hair

Every woman has her own look. It is important to find a shoulder-length style that works for you. One option is the layered bob. This is a timeless look that adds a lot of volume and dimension to your style. Another option is a classic, straight cut. This is a very clean look that always looks polished. Finally, an A-line cut looks great on lots of different face shapes. It adds a bit of fun movement and shape to your hair without taking away from the overall style.

Adding Color To Compliment Your Medium Length Cut

Woman with shoulder length hair and ombre

Once you nailed what type of shoulder length cut looks best on you, you can add a bit of color to your hair. Ombre is a great choice. It can add depth and dimension to any haircut. Balayage is another fabulous look. The main difference between these two styles is that ombre is more dramatic with a larger transition in color. Balayage is more subtle and gives a more natural look.

Making Your Shoulder Length Cut Last

Woman with shoulder length hair taking care

Once you get the cut and color you want, you will want to take care of it. The key to keeping it looking fresh is to keep it trimmed. The ends of the hair will eventually split, so it is important to get them trimmed every couple of months. No matter what style you have, it is also important to use products specifically made for your hair type.

Shoulder Length Hair Is A Timeless Look

Woman with shoulder length hair styling

The shoulder length cut is a timeless look that works great on everyone. It offers the versatility to go from just out of bed to polished in minutes. It can also be styled in several different ways. Add color or keep it simple – the choice is yours. With just a little bit of care, this look will stay fresh for months.

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