Shoulder Length Natural Hairstyles

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Medium length hair can be styled into so many different ways. Whether you want an elegant, simple look that takes no effort, or an intricate braided bun for a more dramatic effect, natural hairstyles for medium length hair are flexible and can accommodate any style. Here are some of the most popular and chic natural hairstyles for medium length hair.

The Sleek Ponytail

Woman wearing a sleek pony tail with an accessory

One of the most popular and classic natural hairstyles for medium length hair is the sleek ponytail. This look can be achieved quickly and requires minimal effort. Gather your locks into a high or low ponytail and add a cute accessory or headband for a fun look. Team this up with some trendy accessories and you’re good to go!

The Half-Up Top Knot

Woman wearing a half-up top knot

The half-up top knot is a great way to make your medium length hair look fuller and longer. Gather the top section of your hair and tie a half-up ponytail. The knots on the side can be styled with some gel to make it look more textured and voluminous. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

Faux Bangs

Woman wearing faux bangs

Faux bangs are a great way of changing up your look in an instant. All you need to do is part your hair down the middle and gather the front section of your hair. Pin it back with bobby pins and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail. You can use hairspray to help you achieve the look too.

Vintage Curls

Woman wearing vintage curls

If you want to look sophisticated and elegant, why not try out vintage curls? Curl your medium length hair using flexi rods or large rollers for a classy, timeless look. A pomade or gel can also be applied to give the curls more definition and hold. This look is perfect for any special occasion.

Messy Ponytail

Woman wearing a messy ponytail

The messy ponytail is the perfect hairdo for on-the-go days. Gather your hair into a low or high ponytail and pull out some pieces around the front for a more effortless, natural look. This style is great for when you’re running late and don’t have time to do more elaborate hairstyles.

Pinned Up Side Curls

Woman wearing pinned up side curls

As one of the most popular natural hairstyles for medium length hair, pinned up side curls can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. After curling your hair, pin some of the side pieces up and leave others down for a harmonious and stylish look. You can also use bobby pins to pin up any shorter pieces. This look is both casual and fashionable.

Natural hairstyles for medium length hair are great for people who want to add extra style and volume to their hair. Whether
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