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Skulls are usually a staple at this time of year, what with Halloween just around the corner. But why settle for a regular old jack-o’-lantern when you can do something truly special with your nails? After all, nail art designs are a easy-genius way to add some flair to any look.

Skull Nail Art for Halloween

Image of person's fingernails painted with skull designs

Forget painted pumpkins, why not don your own nail canvases with skully art? This season is a great opportunity to try out something a little different, and it’s really easy to craft a festive look with nothing but some nail polish and a steady hand.

Get creative by painting skulls on every other nail and flowers or moons on the other nails. Or simply paint a few skully designs on each hand. You can even layer the skulls with shimmery metallic polishes for an otherworldly effect. For a unique look, paint the background of your nails with a matte color and then add a metallic skull for a cool textured finish.

For more of a subtle festive feel, simply paint one or two nails with a skull design and the others with a deep color like a midnight green or witchy black. You can also add some glitter to the last few nails to give your fingertips a star-studded look. Try out whatever design maakes you feel empowered and get ready to show off your very own skully nail art.

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