Spring Nail Art 2020: Cute Spring Nail Designs Ideas

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It can be fun and creative updating your nails every new season with gorgeous spring nail art designs. With bright hues and fun designs, spring is the perfect time to experiment and add a little polish and shine to your nails. Here is your guide to some of the most fabulous spring nail art trends of 2020!

Pretty Floral Accents

Keep your nails looking sweet and colorful and add some pretty floral accents to your nail art design this spring! Paint your nails a bright pastel blue and accent it with a few white and yellow flowers. With this design, you can show off your spring style without being too bold. Blue Spring Nail Art With White and Blue Flowers

Pops of Color

Brighten up your nails and bring some spring-inspired flowers to your look with vibrant color blocking. Paint your nails in bright hues of yellow, pink, and green and add detailing of a few four-leaf clover accents to stay on trend. Not only does this design allow you to be creative and colorful, but it’s subtle enough for you to rock for more formal occasions.Yellow, Pink and Green Color Blocked Nail Art With Four-Leaf Clover Accents

Abstract Art for Nails

Have fun with abstract art this spring! Paint your nails a bold pink or purple, and use a white nail polish to paint abstract art designs on just a few of your nails. Accent this look with jewels and brightly colored beads to create a fun and unique look. Pink and Purple Abstract Art Nail Design With Beads and Jewels

Polka Dot Manicure

Sweet and simple, the polka-dotted manicure is always a great choice for your nails. Start by painting your nails creamy white and use a thin brush with bright colors of your choice to create polka dots on the tips of your nails. The polka-dot look is perfect for a casual weekend style or even dressed up with your favorite clutch. White Nail Art With Bright Polka Dots On The Tips

Rainbow Manicure

Bring some of the rainbow indoors and rock a rainbow manicure for spring. Start by painting your nails a bright pink or blue, and use a thin brush to create rainbow lines along the edges of the nails. Theses lines should include shades of the rainbow, creating an exciting, bright manicure. Rainbow Manicure Featuring Bright Pink and Blue Nails With Rainbow Lines

Animal Print Manicure

Love animal prints? Express it on your nails! Start by selecting your animal prints, whether it is zebra, snake, or leopard, and use a thin brush and darker shades to recreate the print pattern on your nails. Jazz-up this look with metallic accents and dots of glitter. Animal Print Nail Art Featuring Metallic Accents and Glitter

Chrome Nail Art Designs

Go with a futuristic look and choose chrome nail art designs that are sure to make a statement. Keep your nails short and natural, and apply chrome to just two of your nails. This look is perfect for trendy and fashion-forward spring nail art looks for more formal occasions. Chrome Nail Art For a Trendy and Fashion-Forward Look

When it comes to creative and stylish spring nail art designs, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are aiming for a subtle
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