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Every year, St. Patrick’s Day comes around and it brings with it the lucky green clover, silly leprechauns, and huge celebrations. But why should all the fun stop at clothes and decorations? St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your creative side take over and show off your luckiest nails.

Rainbow with Clover Design

Human hand with nails painted with a rainbow with a clover design and clover nail art design

This design is perfect for anyone looking to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. It gives you the opportunity to use the luckiest holiday color (green), while adding a creative and extra sparkly flair. To get this look, start off by painting a rainbow of bright colors using a thin brush — red, yellow, green and blue will give you a perfect, St. Patrick’s Day-inspired rainbow. Once you have your rainbow base, you can use a thin brush to add a clover shape over the green portion of your rainbow, adding a layer of green polish, and then draw a white clover shape inside that.

Green Glitter Accent Nail Design

Nail painted in light green polish with green glitter accent nail

For a more toned down look that is still festive, this simple nail design is perfect. Paint your nails a faint shade of green and then add one accent glittery green nail to top it off. To get the look, first make sure your nails are filed and the edges are even. Paint all your nails in a light green color — you can do this with a light green polish or a green glitter polish. Then make sure your glitter polish is evenly spread on your accent nail and is not too overpowering.

Clover Border Nail Design

Nail painted with a white background and green clover border design

This useful and sweet nail design brings luck and good looks through the walls. It is perfect for those who want to bring green to their nails but in a more subtle way. To get this look, start by filing and shape your nails. Then paint your fingers a white nail polish, which will be your base layer. Once dry, chose a very thin brush and draw simple, small clover shapes in green or black around the free edge of your nails. Adding a top coat when finished will give you an extra glossy look and make your clover borders last longer.

Colorful Chevron Design

Nail painted with a rainbow chevron design

Show off your luckiest self with this colorful chevron design! This design will bring a bright and cheerful feeling to your nails, and you’ll surely get some attention when you’re out. To get this look, start off by filing and shaping your nails. Then use green, yellow, and blue polish to paint a chevron pattern on your nails. You can use white or black polish for the outlines are the colors. To finish off the look, add a layer of a clear top coat for extra glossiness.

Shamrock French Manicure

Nail painted with a french manicure and shamrock design on the tip

Bring your classic french manicure up-to-date with this clever twist. This one is the perfect combination of classy and festive. To get this look, first make sure your nails are filed and the edges are even. Paint your nails in light pink and after a few minutes, paint the tips in white. Then
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