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If you are a fan of creative designs, you need to get your hands on star nail art and start DIYing. Star nail art looks spectacular and is definitely on trend! With lots of options, star nail designs can enhance any look and style. From simpler designs to intricate ones, galaxy nails, and more, there are so many new ideas to choose from that you’ll be set for very long time.

1. Multi Coloured Star Nails

Multi Coloured Star Nails

Ombre is one of the biggest trends and this star nail art will make you the star of any gathering. Get the faded black to pink colour for the star design and a contrasting colour for the stars themselves. This look will really make a statement.

2. American Flag Nails

American Flag Nails

Want to show your patriotism? There’s a cute and glittering way to do this! Get your nails done with a red, white, and blue stars and stripes – but use stars for the stripes instead of a toothpick to really up the wow factor.

3. Sparkling Holo Stars

Sparkling Holo Stars

This trend is all about giving your eyes something sparkly to look at. With the right ombre effect, this nail design with holographic stars at the tips will be a showstopper. You can also experiment with different placements of the stars, too.

4. Starburst in Gold

Starburst in Gold

Gold is making a huge comeback this season, and this design personifies that. All you need is your gold ribbon glitter polish and a few of your sparkliest stars to make this look come alive. It’s an easy design, but it sure does make an impact.

5. Star Studded Mirror Nails

Star Studded Mirror Nails

These mirror nails offer reflective sparkles in a very creative form – all you need are your star gems and your favourite polish to get this look. This is a very low maintenance look, with just the right amount of glam and shine.

6. Star Splattered Nail Art

Star Splattered Nail Art

For the ultimate effect, you can use star-shaped pieces of glitter or sponging technique to get a different look. Have some fun with your tips by splattering stars over your nails for a playful, yet edgy look.

7. Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

Finally, you can’t forget the famous galaxy nails. For this design, use a mix of colours to give a cosmic look to your nails. This look is perfect for festivals, parties, or just a night out with friends.

So, if you’re looking for a creative and cool way to spice up your nails, star nail art is a great way to go. From ombre, to American flag designs to galaxy nails, there
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