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Nail art is one of the hottest beauty trends right now and there is no shortage of creative ideas. From simple single colored designs to complex multi-colored artistry, the possibilities are endless. But, of all of the nail design trends out there, one of the most popular is the step-by-step tutorial.

One Color Splatter One Color Splatter

This look, featured in the photo, is one of the simpler designs and can cover all nails with a single color. The look is achieved by sponging on nail polish over a coat of white so that the tips of each of the nails pick up more of the color than the area closer to the cuticle.

Reverse Gradient

This look is fairly simple and results in an impressive gradient effect. To get the look, take two paint colors and dab each on separately (top to bottom) onto a makeup sponge. Lightly pat the sponge onto the nail, blending the colors together.

Rainbow French Manicure

Rainbow French Manicure

This nail art is one of the most eye-catching and it can be surprisingly easy to do. To get this look, start with a white base coat and then paint a thin stripe of each of your desired color on the tips of your nails. Take the time to make sure the stripes are even — this will require a steady hand and lots of patience.

Color Blocking

Another easy nail art tutorial is the “color blocking” or “triangle mani” trend. All you need to do is paint the base color of your nail and then make a triangle with a contrasting color near the cuticle. Finish with a top coat and the look is complete!

Color Striping

Color Striping

This tutorial looks a bit more complex, but with a bit of practice (and lots of patience) the effect can be achieved in no time. Start off with a clear base coat and then layer on thin stripes of various colors. Once the stripes are down, take a thin brush and outline both sides of the thin stripes with black.

Stripes over Glitter

For those who love a little bit of sparkle, the “stripes over glitter” design might be the perfect choice. Start with a glitter nail polish and then outline the nail with black or your favorite color. You can also add thin stripes for a fun effect. Finish with a glossy top coat.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Polka dots might be the simplest look of all when it comes to nail art, but it is also one of the most timeless. To get the look, start with a white base coat and then use a dotting tool to add a pattern of dots onto the nail. You can also use a toothpick instead as long as you take your time. Finish with a clear top coat.

The options when it comes to step-by-step nail art tutorials are virtually endless, with each trend simpler than the next. Whether you are looking for an intricate look or something more simple, nail art is a great way to express yourself while also having fun.