Nail Art Designs With Tape

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The French Manicure is a classic nail design that seems to never go out of style. Every woman loves looking chic and elegant with nails painted in a classic, subtle French Manicure. But if you’re looking for something a little unique and trendy, try doing a nail art design with tape! Tape is the perfect easy way to get aesthetic, trendy nail designs that look like you’ve spent hours at the nail salon.

This stunning punk nail art tape design is perfect for those looking for something edgy and unique. All you need is some striping tape, nail glue and whatever nail color you choose. Please note to ensure you take your time with the application of the striping tape as this is the key to making sure your nail art design looks neat and precise. Begin by painting the nails with nail color of your choice, follow this with a layer of nail glue and stick the striping tape onto the nail. When the striping tape is firmly attached, seal the deal with a top coat of your favorite top coat. Make sure to start with a base coat before painting the nail color and adding the striping tape.

punk nail art tape design

It’s fast and easy to jazz up your nails with a hip and trendy design. You can switch up the tape style, color and/or length for an edgy look. This edgy yet beautiful punk nail art design stands out on its own or you can add glitter nails for some extra style. Try using different colored striping tape to make create a multi-colored ombre effect. There are so many exciting ways to make your nail art designs stand out.

Another amazing and fun way to get creative with your nails is to try creating some 3D nail art. 3D nail art designs consist of opening petals, crystals and other fun elements. Start by painting the nails with your favorite basic color. Then use some acrylic paint to achieve the statement you’re looking for and make sure to use a thin brush. Next be sure to use a nail glue or adhesive to help the acrylic paint to stick to the nails. Once the glue dries, seal in the design with your favorite top coat and some nail gemstones for a fun and flashy finish.

There are tons of amazing ways to switch up your manicure. From tape to 3D nail art, show off your unique style with fresh and cool designs.

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