Swing Bob Hairstyle

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Swing bob haircut is one of the classic hairstyles that will take you through any activities. From informal gatherings, to formal occasions, this hairdo is perfect for all occasions. With its variations, you can create dramatic looks. Whether you have a short or long hair, you can rock this stunning style.

How to Create the Swing Bob Haircut?

You can easily create this look with a few simple steps. First, use a round brush to blow dry your hair. While blow-drying, lift the hair up slightly. This will create body and fullness at the back. Next, use a flat iron or curling iron to further emphasize the body and fullness of the hair. Create waves and curls depending on your desired look. Lastly, spritz some hairspray to maintain the style.

Woman wearing a swing bob haircut

This look is perfect for women with short hair. With the waves at the sides, this hairdo will make your face look softer. The layers help create a nice body and shape that can be styled in any way you desire. You can add a parting in the middle or at the side, and you can also create side swept bangs for a dramatic look.

Short Swing Bob Haircut

Short swing bob haircuts can look hugely stylish and unique. This length will give you the freedom to create many different looks. Add an edgy razor cut or an undercut for a softer, relaxed style. With shorter layers at the bottom, this look will help showcase your facial features.

Woman wearing a short length swing bob haircut

Short swing bob haircuts are great for women who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. This look can be created in no time and you won’t have to worry about styling it on a daily basis. You will look perfectly polished and ready to head out on the town with your friends.

Long Swing Bob Haircut

Long swing bob haircuts give you more style options for every occasion. You can add or remove layers depending on the shape you desire. Create waves or curls for a soft and feminine look. You can also add a side-part and side-swept bangs for a more dramatic style.

Woman wearing a longer length swing bob haircut

If you have long hair, this is a great hairstyle to transition to a shorter cut. You can still maintain length while getting rid of some of the weight. Long swing bob haircuts also look great if you want to add texture to your hair. With this style, you can create a more voluminous look with minimal effort.


When it comes to classic hairstyles, the swing bob haircut is always a great option. It is classy, fashionable, and versatile. You can have a short or long swing bob cut depending on the look you want to achieve. With its waves and curls, you will look beautiful and glamorous.

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