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According to a recent survey, 92% of people want to learn how to do their nails better. We all want to wow our friends with drool-worthy manis, right? But let’s get real, achieving flawless nail art isn’t always that easy!

An Accidental Masterpiece

Uneven nail art with one side of the nails painted with multi-colored polka dots

Yes, that’s right, sometimes every effort to be perfect can lead you to absolute nail disaster. But don’t worry, you didn’t read it wrong- your accidental masterpiece totally deserves recognition and at least a few rounds of applause. And with this manicure, why not join the club and add “nail-artist” to your résumé?

Achieve Perfection With Practice

Nail art with each finger painted a different color

It may be tempting to keep going for that flawless creations, but don’t forget to take it slow. After all, practice makes perfect and Rome wasn’t built in a day. And don’t be scared to try out different colors, techniques and even shapes! After a few tries, you’ll be able to create your own style, with no one else to compare.

Celebrate Your Nailed Art

Cool pattern of spiky nails painted with dark green and sky blue colors

But no matter if you nailed it, or you nailed it, your nails are always the best art piece you have. Celebrate it proudly, show it to everyone, no matter the result. Let everyone know you dared to try, you took risk and you can totally master the nail art!

Ultimately, perfect nails are not the most important thing. Having fun, experimenting with colors and techniques, and staying creative are the most valuable achievements. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and be the next artist to create that masterpiece.

Pin on Nailed It!