Thin Braid Hairstyle

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Micro braid hairstyles are all the rage and for good reason. With so many stunning variations and looks available, you can easily craft a style that is both the envy of your friends and the envy of the next season. For those wanting to freshen up and try something new, here are 29 magnificent micro braid hairstyles that you will just love.

1. Triple Diamond Braids

Picture of a woman wearing three diamond shaped micro braids in her hair

Three diamond shaped parts at the top of the head have been creating using colorful micro braid hair. These tiny braids create subtle depth and dimension, while creating interest in the crown sections.

2. Chunky Crown Braid

Picture of a woman wearing a large chunky braid around the crown of her head

A chunky crown braid keeps hair in place all day long, while also helping to create an overall look of movement and flow. Little micro braids have been used throughout the crown giving it that extra interest in texture.

3. Sideswept Micro Braids

Picture of a woman's hair parted to one side with tiny micro braids throughout

A sideswept look can give any hairstyle an upscale, glamorous feel. This gorgeous variation is created with a heavy part and tiny micro braids bursting from the sides of the scalp in a carefree, yet elegant way.

4. Crossed Micro Braids

Picture of a woman wearing four larger micro braids at the top of her head crossed in four places

When it comes to making an impression, micro braided hairstyles never disappoint! This clever crossed design is crafted with four thick braids and beautifully crafted with crossed layers at the top of the head.

5. Side Braided Bangs

Picture of a woman with braided bangs micro braided to the side

What a beautiful way to put a unique spin on your bangs! Micro braids beautifully transition into thick braids as they make their way along the sides. This beautiful look also adds subtle definition and shape to the forehead.

6. Edgy Side Puff

Picture of a woman's hair with one side micro braided and pulled up into a puff

A side puff is great for those days when you want to add a little bit of edge to your style. Micro braids start at the front and reach around the back. The remaining hair is pulled up and loosely layered around the face.

7. Cornrow French Braid

Picture of a woman wearing a cornrow french braid

The cornrow French braid is a classic, yet beautiful style. Thick cornrows ascend from the scalp while a French braid is woven in between each one. Micro braids framed the face as well finishing off the look.

8. High Ponytail

Picture of a woman wearing a high ponytail made up of tiny micro braids

A high ponytail always looks chic and elegant. This one
29 Magnificent Micro Braid Hairstyles For The Next Season