Thin Natural Hairstyles

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Maintaining your hair is important to look great and look your best. Keeping your locks healthy, vibrant with style gives us the confidence to tackle our day with a fresh, stylish look. The Cut Life is a great place to get some inspiration on how to keep your hair looking great. We can see a lot of different hairstyles and cuts that can easily be achieved.

Sleek Bob

If you’re looking for a modern bob then you haven’t been looking too far. This style is sleek and sophisticated giving you a great style for those important occasions. This ‘do is easy to achieve with a good round bristle brush and some shine products. Just make sure to get some good quality products to get the best results from your hairstyle.

A woman with medium-length straight hair, cut in a stylish bob

Pixie Cut

For those of us that want to rock the femininity of a short hairstyle, the pixie cut is perfect. The style is easy to maintain whilst also serving a bold, stylish look. It also helps you to reduce the time taken to do your hair in the mornings, ideal if you’re busy! This look is achieved by using a shorter length scissor and clipping in the edging. To keep the style looking fresh, a little bit of product helps.

A woman with short, cropped hair cut in a pixie style

Long & Wavy

For us women who have longer locks, this look can be useful to show off your luxurious locks. It’s easy to achieve with a good set of product and a wide barrel tong. When curling, take it slow otherwise it could create tight kinks that could end in a disaster. When finished, apply some product to keep the curls voluminous and touchable. This look is perfect for special occasions like a night out or even just simply to show off your hair.

A woman with long, wavy hair

Lovely Layers

Adding gorgeous layers to your hair provides extra volume and body, which is great for women with straighter hair. This style is perfect for those with thin hair as well, as the addition of layers can create a fuller effect without the need for extra hair product or styling products. This style can be achieved with a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience! The layers will create great movement in the hair and will make sure to keep your hair looking voluminous.

A woman with medium-length hair cut in layers

The Cut Life provides us back with an abundance of ideas on hairstyles, hair cuts and hair colours when we are looking for inspiration. Whether we are looking for a professional look for a night out or for something modern for the office, a style can easily be found. Have a look at the website for any inspiration and remember to take into consideration your face shape and hair type when looking for the perfect style.

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