21+ Palm Tree Nail Art Designs, Ideas

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This summer break, it’s time to show off your tropical-inspired nail art! Palm trees are a perfect way to make a statement, whether you DIY your mani or go to the salon. With so many fun ideas out there, it’ll be tough to choose just one design. Here are some great palm tree designs to get you started.

Gorgeous & Glittery

Beautiful Girl Showing Glittery Palm Tree Nail Art

Add instant drama to your mani with this eye-catching glitter-and-green combination. The glitter gradients on the ring and fourth fingers are especially stunning, and the highlight of gold captures the sun’s light. Consider this design if you want giant impact, but not too much in the way of complexity.

Go Dotty With It

Beautiful Girl Holding Two Fingers Showing A Polka Dot Palm Tree Nail Art Design

Polka dots always add a fun punch to your look, and this nail design is no exception. With the palm trees and accent art in black and white, this look says ‘trendy yet timeless.’ If you want to go for a bit more drama, opt for the teal color of the palm trees instead of the more subdued black.

Cute & Colorful

Beautiful Girl Showing Rainbow Colorful and Quirky Palm Tree Nail Art

Take a walk on the wild side with this eccentric nail art. Show your playful personality with vibrant colors that everyone will notice. And hey, it’s okay to break the rules when it comes to colors and patterns— after all, it’s your mani!

Chic & Minimal

Person Showing a Simple Yet Chic Palm Tree Nail Art

Sometimes all you need is a simple accent of style to really turn heads. This design is sleek and stylish; the light peach color is perfect for summer as it’s just light enough to carry into chilly autumn days. If this design whet your appetite but you’d like something with a bit more detail, opt for the blue base of the second design.

Crushin’ On Coral

Girl Showing Her Palm Tree Nail Art Which is in Coral Color

Capture the beauty of a sunset with this sophisticated coral-hued design. And if you want to make your mani even more fun, add an accent nail with a coordinating design. Playing with colors and patterns is always permitted when it comes to nail art, so explore the possibilities!

With these 21+ awesome palm tree nail art designs, you can take those untamed nails and turn them into a piece of summer art! And hey, if you’re feeling a little daring, create your own design by combining elements of your favorite looks. Have fun and keep on beachin’!

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