Adorable Turkey Nail Art From Thanksgiving!

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Are you tired of looking at the same old boring nail styles? If you’re seeking a new look this holiday season, why not try some turkey nails? That’s right, you can now strut your stuff with some of the cutest and most creative designs featuring turkeys. We’ve scoured the internet for the best options for you to make sure you rock your look this Thanksgiving.

Turkey Face

An orange, white and black nail art pattern featuring a smiling turkey face with a chocolate brown beak, red wattle, and three black eyes

This nail design is the most realistic of the bunch and will certainly look great for Thanksgiving. It features a beige, orange, and brown palette that looks like feathers, a smiling turkey face with a chocolate brown beak, red wattle, and three black eyes – they look so realistic they’ll make you feel like a real turkey! The three-dimensional design is also nice, as it adds dynamics and movement to your nails.

Polka-Dot Turkey

Orange, white and black nail art pattern featuring a polka-dot turkey

This design is a bit more playful, featuring a bright orange and white polka-dot turkey on a black background. The vibrant colors really pop, and the fun polka-dot pattern is a great way to show off your fun and creative spirit. It would also look great with a festive holiday outfit.

Turkey Stripes

A white, orange, pink and yellow nail art pattern featuring a turkey with six striped tail feathers

This design features a turkey with six striped tail feathers in a variety of hues including white, orange, pink, and yellow. The stripes add texture and dimension, while the soft pastel colors create a light and airy look. It would go perfectly with a light and flowy dress or a flouncy skirt.

Mini Turkeys

A yellow and orange nail art pattern featuring five small turkeys with beaks, wattles, and eyes

This design brings a bit of whimsy, with five small and colorful turkeys adorning your fingernails. The turkeys are a combination of yellow and orange, with details such as beaks, wattles, and eyes to make them come alive – or as alive as small turkeys can get, that is! This design can be a lot of fun, and would look great with an outfit featuring some leafy prints or a hint of fall colors.

So if you’re looking to stand out this Thanksgiving season, why not try out some of these fun and creative turkey nail designs? With their vibrant colors and playful designs, these nail art options are sure to make you the star of the show – whether you’re at a holiday gathering or out on the town.

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