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Nail art is always a great and creative way to express your mood and style. Whether you’re prepping for a date night, heading to the office, or enjoying a night in with your friends, nail art is here to dress up your look. There are many different styles and trends, from minimalist style and eye-catching cuticle art, to glam glitter and gilded nails, to colour-coordinated patterns, and so much more! Here, we take a look at some great nail art ideas for the summer season.

Aqua or Turquoise

Nail art with an aqua or turquoise colour scheme

This aqua or turquoise colour scheme is great for creating a lighter, beachy vibe. The base coat is given a strong presence, with either colour accented with the addition of a glitter or a few metallic accents. For a more vivid look, try adding a small sparkle of pink or a fleck of gold, like mini gems, to give your look an extra boost.

Polished Polyglot

Nail art with a polished polyglot

This is a great look for bringing out multiple colours in one manicure. A modern twist on the classic French Tip style, the polished polyglot technique works by taking a solid base colour and adding colourful flecks in various shades to each of your nails. The result is a bright and eclectic style that is both eye popping and utterly unique.

Starry Sky

Nail art with a starry sky design

Let your fingers feel like they’re reaching for the stars! This starry sky design is perfect for adding a fun, celestial feel to any look. You can choose to use all the same colour for a more nightly look, or opt for braver shades for a more futuristic feel. Add some sparkles to give an extra touch of glam.

Stained Glass

Nail art with stained glass

This stained glass design is great for adding an intricate feel to any look. You get to choose the shades you want to work with, to give the nails that stained glass effect. You pick a few colours – from pinks and blues to purples and silvers, whatever palette you desire – and the effect is one of a kind.

Metallic Foil

Nail art with metallic foil accents

Metallic foil is perfect for adding a little gleam to your look. It doesn’t have to be overly fussy. A few flecks of stylish silver, gold, or copper foil will do the trick. For the full effect, though, why not cover your nails in gold and silver shards, giving you a truly dazzling manicure?

Whether you’re an experienced nail technician or just starting out, there are plenty of nail art ideas to choose from and many of them you can do from home. These four styles are just a few of the many great looks to try for the summer season, so get creative and ad
40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Aqua or turquoise / Polished Polyglot