Twist Braids Hairstyle

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Twist braids are a popular look for braids for both daily wear and special occasions. They are easy to create at home, with a wide variety of styles from simple to elaborate. Whether you want a simple twist braid for everyday wear or an intricate style for a party, there is a twist braid to fit any style. Here are 35 stunning twist braids hairstyles for you to try.

Twist Braids Half Up BunTwist Braids Half Up Bun

The twist braids half up bun is a cute and simple, but stunning, style. In this look, your hair is pulled up and twisted back before it is pinned into a bun shape. The remaining hair is then left loose to hang freely around your face.

Twisted Dutch BraidTwisted Dutch Braid

A twisted Dutch braid is a great way to change up a standard braid. A traditional Dutch braid is flipped inside out for a unique look. This twisted braid is created by crossing the strands over each other in a regular pattern, resulting in a look that is both intricate and lovely.

Colorful Twist Braids with AccessoriesColorful Twist Braids with Accessories

Twist braids can be accessorized with a fun addition of small beads, gems, or colorful bands. This style can bring a great touch of color and beauty to your everyday style. It’s a great way to stand out and show off your personality.

Bantu Knot TwistBantu Knot Twist

A Bantu knot twist is an incredibly intricate and beautiful look. In this style, you twist two-strand plaits into small buns all over the head, giving it a unique, modern look. This style is perfect for more formal occasions, but can also add flair to your daily look.

Voluminous TwistVoluminous Twist

The voluminous twist is perfect for those who want a look that is big and bold. This style involves creating chunky twists that hang down around your face. The look is both elegant and beautiful, and is sure to draw attention.

Consequential Twist BraidsConsequential Twist Braids

Consequential twist braids are easy to create, but look like a work of art. In this look, two-strand plaits are started and twisted one after the other in a consequential pattern. The look is both beautiful and intricate, great for special occasions.

Goddess Twist BraidsGoddess Twist Braids

Goddess twist braids are an elaborate style fit for a goddess. This look is created with twists that are intertwined into elaborate designs. This style is perfect for making a statement and is sure to turn heads.

Crown Twist BraidsCrown Twist Braids

Crown twist braids are perfect for those looking for a regal and elegant look. This style feature a high crown of braids, with the rest of the hair either pinned up or let loose. This is a beautiful and standout look that is sure to draw admiration.

35 Stunning Twist Braids Hairstyles