Unique Hairstyle For Long Hair

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With the summer months upon us, there’s no better time to give your long hair the styling makeover it deserves. With days of outdoor barbecues, outdoor movie nights, and outdoor swimming sessions in the sun, our tresses can get a pretty worn out. To keep your mane looking its best, why not try out some of these 14 easy braided hairstyles?

Tucked Crown Braid

Braided hairstyle featuring a tucked in crown braid

Want to give your hair a little bit of reinvention? Look no further than the tucked crown braid. It’s perfect for those parties that happen in the summer heat because it effectively keeps any flyaways tamed and in place.

Half-up Fishtail Braid

Braided hairstyle featuring a half-up fishtail braid

For a softer and dreamy look, the half-up fishtail braid is the perfect fit. Not only does it look stunning no matter the occasion, but it’s also just as much fun to do. All you need is a little bit of patience and follow the direction of the braid and you’ll be good to go.

French and Dutch Fishtail Braid Combo

Braided hairstyle featuring a French and Dutch fishtail braid combo

You can never go wrong with a combo braid, especially if it involves a French and Dutch fishtail braid combo. It not only looks sleek and stylish, but it’s also a great way to upgrade your hairstyle in a unique and fun way. Pull up your hair in a high ponytail, and then carefully secure it in as many as four strands of braid.

Split Dutch Fishtail Braid

Braided hairstyle featuring a split Dutch fishtail braid

This style looks intricate, but it’s actually quite simple to accomplish. Using two or three strands of hair, split your hair halfway and tie a fishtail. As you plait, try to add as many uses of Dutch braiding as possible. When you reach your nape, secure it with a tiny invisible elastic.

Three-Strand Braided Braid

Braided hairstyle featuring a three-strand braided braid

This one is definitely more of an intricate braid, but it doesn’t look nearly as hard as it might sound. Pull up hair into a high ponytail, secure it with an elastic, and then split into three strands. Secure the strands in a regular braid and try to go as far down as you can. When you’ve reached the end, secure it with another elastic.

Tied Back Ribbon Braid

Braided hairstyle featuring a tied back ribbon braid

This one is a great option for summer days since it helps to keep those pesky flyaways off your face. Tie back your hair, section it off into three parts, and then start French braiding. As you progress with the braid, make sure to correctly divide each section into three equally sized parts in order to properly pull off the look.