Updo Hairstyle For Thin Hair

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When it comes to making thin hair look more volumized, it can be a little tricky. However, a great hairstyle to boost volume and make thin hair look amazing is an updo. Updos are perfect to make thin hair look thicker and give off an elegant feeling.

Elegant Pinned Up Hair

blonde lady with curls pinned up in bun atop of head

The elegant pinned-up hair style is a simple way to give your thin hair a sophisticated look. Begin by taking your hair into a deep side part. Split the rest of your hair in two sections and pin one section up, leaving the other loose. Next, generate some volume by brushing the loose section upwards and back, finishing with hairspray for additional hold. Lastly, take the pinned section and wrap it around the loose hair, with some bobby pins securely tucking it up. This is a great style to give thin hair some extra oomph!

Flower Bouffant Updo

black haired woman with updo of three flowers placed atop her head

This beautiful flower bouffant is an instant hit with thinner hair. Start by teasing the top of your head for extra volume. Then, create a low bun and secure it with bobby pins. Take a few sections of hair and form loops around the bun, pinning them in place. Finally, use flower-shaped hair pins to create a lovely flower bouffant atop your head. Not only is this style beautiful and elegant, but it’s perfect for achieving extra volume with thin hair.

Cleopatra Updo

woman with long dark hair in a low updo featuring a braid placed across the forehead

This Cleopatra inspired updo is a great way to make thin hair look thick, especially for special occasions. Start by taking your hair into a low side part. Then, from the back of your head, take a section and make a modest braid. Lay this braid across your forehead like a headband and pin it in place. Loosen the pieces of the braid slightly to give it a fuller look. Next, pull the rest of the hair up into a tight rosebud bun and secure it with bobby pins. Pull out a few pieces of hair around the front and the sides of your face to add texture and frame your face. Voila! Perfectly volumized thin hair.

Updos are a great way to make thin hair look fuller and more volumized. With styles like the elegant pinned-up hair, flower bouffant updo and Cleopatra inspired updo, it’s easy to create an incredibly chic and fashionable hairdo with thinner locks.
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