V Cut Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

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If you’re looking to shake up your look and try something new, why not try a short layered V cut hairstyle? Not only is it a fresh and stylish look, but it’s also incredibly versatile. Whether you have straight, thick or curly hair, you’re sure to find the perfect V cut hairstyle to suit you.

Short V-cut Hair

image of woman with short V-cut hairstyle

A short V cut hairstyle is a modern take on the classic short hair look, adding layers and shape to the back and sides. With a short V cut the top layer of hair falls to one side, covering up any length discrepancies. You can opt for a slight curve in your V cut which is ideal if you want a softer look, or go for a sharp V cut to create a more pronounced style.

Tousled V-Cut Hair

image of woman with tousled V-cut hairstyle

Tousling your short V cut hairstyle will help to create a relaxed, laid-back look. To do this, simply backcomb the top layer of your V cut and add a little styling product like mousse to keep it in place. This style works great on both straight and curly hair and is perfect for days when you don’t have time to fiddle with your hair.

Add Accessories

image of woman with V-cut hairstyle and accessories

Getting creative with your V cut hairstyle doesn’t have to require a trip to the salon. Adding accessories such as headbands and barrettes to your tousled V cut is an easy way to dress up your look and take it from day to night. You can also add some volume with a light hairspray for more of a statement style.

V-Cut Up-Do

image of woman with V-Cut Up-Do hairstyle

If you want to switch up your look in an instant, why not try a V cut up-do? The great thing about this hairstyle is that it’s easy to do and can be tailored to suit any hair length or texture. Start by creating a half-up half-down style, then secure with a few bobby pins and add a decorative hair accessory. This is a great way to give your V cut an extra dose of glamour and create something really unique.

Whether you opt for a tousled look, an up-do, or something a little simpler, a short layered V cut hairstyle is a great way to change up your look. With just a few simple steps you can create something that’s completely on trend and totally unique.

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