Very Curly Hairstyle

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Long hair is making a comeback this summer and that means finding the best long haircut that suits your look. Femininity, sophistication, and style all come together effortlessly when a person has longer hair. Whether you are looking for something sleek and sophisticated or something wild and expressive, long haircuts provide a myriad of choices.

Soft Side Swept Layers for Contrast

image of a woman with soft side-swept layers for contrast

Give your long hair a boost with soft side-swept layers. This style gives volume and movement to the hair, while still allowing it to remain long. Soft side-swept layers frame the face in a flattering way and add a light contrast to an otherwise solid style. To keep their curl, opt for some perm rods and a few bobby pins.

Sublime Long Braid

image of a woman with a long braid

A braid is a classic hairdo that never really goes out of style. A long braid combines a blended look with intricate detail, allowing the hair to stay down but still appear elegant. Long braids can be dressed up for a formal affair or down for an everyday look. Add some curl, let it stay down naturally, add some accessories, or put it up in a bun. The variations are endless.

Long Wavy Flicks

image of a woman with long wavy flicks

Adding a bit of whimsy to long hair is the long wavy flicks. This style is ideal for anyone who wants a hairdo that is not too tight, but still has a touch of sophistication. Long flicks are a perfect way to keep your hair in an easy-to-maintain style. Choose from different colors, add accessories such as bows or ribbons, or part it to the side. Any way you choose, it’s sure to look lovely.

Chic Punk Long Bob

image of a woman with a long bob

Long bobs are a breezy and easy way to keep your long hair looking stylish. A chic punk long bob is a versatile look that can be worn either up or down. This style adds volume, tousled texture and youthful edge all in one. Add a few highlights to bring out the messy texture, or just let it be for an effortless look.

Sleek Ponytail

image of a woman with sleek ponytail

The sleek ponytail is one of the most popular long hair looks around. The simple updo is a great option for a night out or when you’re in a hurry. Adding a few curls to the tail will add texture and volume, while keeping the hairstyle looking polished. Whether you spruce it up with bobby pins, add some color, or just let it be, it’s sure to make a statement.

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