Very Short Hairstyle

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The upcoming season provides us with rich opportunities to set ourselves apart from the rest and rock some amazing hair trends. With so many choices available at our fingertips, we are certain to find the right look for us. We present our readers with some of the fabulous looks in store for us if we choose to cut our hair short.

Short Pixie Cut

Pixy cut

The pixie cut is the go-to hairstyle for the adventurous and those looking for a classic look. It is often considered a daring style, and brave people are rewarded when they take the chance. Styling a pixie cut is surprisingly versatile and creative, as it can be pulled to the side and left spiky. The warm tones can also be used to suit the face shape. It is a glamorous look that will ensure everyone notices you.

Short Bob with Tons of Volume

Bob cut

The classic bob with its touch or volume can be styled in a million ways for a million looks. It is a modern and classic look that never disappoints. Teaming the short bob with long bangs is a fashionable touch. Its high volume cut gives it a unique style that is flattering to the face shape. It works best with straight or wavy hair and gives us the opportunity to play with the style for a different look.

Long Curly Bob

Long Curly Bob Cut

This stylish look combines the best of both worlds; both the long and the short. It is ideal for face shapes that prefer longer hair but don’t want the full length. This look works best on curly hair. This look is great for showing off your facial features. With the hair over your eyes and your face, it helps to define it and gives it a more defined look.

Extremely Short Razor Cut

Extremely Short Razor Cut

Sieze boldness and take a leap of faith with an extreme short and edgy razor cut. The razor cut is suitable for a variety of hair types and textures. It gives off a touch of punk rock style. If you want to add color and highlights to your look then the razor cut is ideal. Low maintenance is important to us and this cut requires minimum fuss to look gorgeous.

Shoulder Length Cut & Layers

Shoulder Length Cut

The shoulder length cut is a great alternative for long hair. Its layers create a stunning flair, showing off its volume. Its length contrasts with its short sides, giving us a perfect an equal balance between the two. Those who have straight hair can benefit from this look as it gives off natural layers. You can decide to leave it down or go for a more creative up-do. For a more glamorous look add luscious accessories.

Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair

We just can’t get over how stunning the short, wavy hair looks. The layers and curls bring a fun, stylish and flirty look, perfect for any special occasion. This look is ideal for oval face shapes as the hair covers the entire head, making it ideal for any face shape. To make it pop, add texture and soft curls, allowing the beauty of your hair to be seen as well as noticed.

Blunt Cut with Volume