Victoria Beckham Bob Hairstyle

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Victoria Beckham is an inspirinig figure for many women, her hairstyle and fashion outifts always draw attention. One of her iconic looks was the choppy bob hairstyle she wore back in 2008 that still looks amazing today. The texture, length and choppy layers makes this bob stand out. This short hairstyle looks good on all face shapes and hair textures.

Short Choppy Bob

Victoria Beckham with short choppy bob hairstyle in 2008

To achieve a short choppy bob, you will need a good pair of hair scissors and texturizing shears. Make sure that your hairdresser has great precision with the haircut, as the razor cut layers around your face should be the same length. You’ll have to have your hair cut Every few weeks since this bob will grow out quickly and the choppy layers will be difficult to maintain.

Textures And Color Options

Victoria Beckham with short choppy bob hairstyle in 2008

This short choppy bob hairstyle is unique in the way that it looks great on all types of natural textures, from wavy to curly. You can always enhance your texture with a good hair mousse or take it up a notch and try a lightweight styling wax. When it come to colors, you can go with a classic honey blonde like Victoria Beckham, or add some dimension to your hair with a few well placed highlights.

The Everyday Look

Victoria Beckham with short choppy bob hairstyle in 2008

Maintaining Victoria Beckham’s short choppy bob is quite simple. With just a bit of effort you can get this hairstyle ready in no time. Try blowing it out with some styling products to get additional volume, curl the ends under and use a bit of hairspray to hold everything in place. You could also make use of some styling tools and transform your everyday look into something fancy for a special occasions.


Victoria Beckham with short choppy bob hairstyle in 2008

Victoria Beckham’s short choppy bob is lovable and ageless. This hairstyle has been popular for many years and looks good on everyone. You can keep it looking its best by trimming the ends every few weeks and styling it with the right products. Try out this short choppy hairstyle and you won’t be disappointed!

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