Vintage Curly Hairstyle

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Sometimes something as simple as adding some vintage curls to your hair can make you look super stylish. Curly hairstyles have always been in fashion, whether as a statement or ceremonial look, or something a bit more subtle just for everyday glam. Whether you want to make a statement or just add some playful cadence, vintage curls are the way to go.

Adorable Shawl Haircut

Adorable shawl haircut

This adorable shawl haircut with pin curls is a fun and effortless way to add some charm to your look. With its charming and timeless style, it’s a great choice for a retro inspired look. It’s also perfect for an outdoorsy look, especially if you’re headed out camping or on a picnic with your friends. The pin curls will frame your face beautifully, giving you an effortless vintage style.

Timeless Curls

Timeless curls

Timeless curls are always a great way to add a touch of glamour to any look. These types of curls can be done with hot rollers, or even a curling iron, depending on the desired look. Use generous portions of hairspray or styling mousse to keep the curls in place, and create a classic look of glamourous curls. A timeless style like this is perfect for date nights or special occasions.

Classic Up-Do

Classic up-do

Though vintage curly hairstyles can take a lot of time and effort, the end result can really be worth it. This classic up-do is a great option for special occasions and holidays, creating an elegant and classy look that won’t ever fade away. Creating an up-do needs some practice and a variety of products, such as hairspray, bobby pins, and even wax for creating a sculpted look. If done right, you’re sure to look stunning.

Vintage Half-Up/Half-Down

Vintage half-up/half-down

The half-up/half-down look was popular in the past, and it’s still popular today. It looks great on vintage curly hairstyles, with the half-up part pinned up in an elegant bun and the cascading curls falling down. It’s a great way to look both elegant and stylish, and you’ll be sure to rock the look.

Neat Ponytail

Neat ponytail

A neat ponytail style is a great look for when you’re in a hurry, but still want to look great. This vintage curly look was popular in the past, and it’s still great today. It looks fabulous when tied up with a retro head scarf, or you can even use a bow or ribbon to add a special twist. End the style with some hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

Bewitching Barrel Waves

Bewitching barrel waves

These bewitching barrel waves can be achieved by setting your hair in hot rollers, or sometimes even using a flat iron. It’s a great choice for creating a glamorous look and can be done quite quickly. Start by brushing—not combing—your hair, setting it in
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