Virat Kohli Short Hairstyle

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Virat Kohli is the hottest name in Indian cricket and the heart-throb of millions of Indians. What adds to his charisma is his great hairstyle! Whether you want to follow him in the pitch or the party, you need to style your hair like him. Here is a look at 15 of the best Virat Kohli haircuts!

1: Classic Bowl Cut

Virat with a classic bowl cut

This classic bowl cut is perfect for boys and men of all ages. It is short in length and the sides fit smoothly above the ears. It is the most popular and very popular among the younger generation.

2: The Floppy Haircut

Virat with a floppy haircut

The Floppy haircut is great for those who want to add some freedom and motion to the hair. This style looks great when paired with a beard. Just make sure that the sides are still kept neat and minimal!

3: The Super Short Buzz Cut

Virat with a super short buzz cut

The buzz cut is an easy and convenient style for men. This is a smart, edgy and clean cut. Get this cut for that iconic look that will easily catch the attention of everyone around you.

4: The Fauxhawk

Virat with a fauxhawk

The Fauxhawk is the perfect choice for young and outgoing guys. It has a punk-rock attitude and it’s perfect for showing off your wild side. The sides and back are kept short and the middle is left longer to create the Mohawk look.

5: The High and Tight

Virat with a high and tight

The High and Tight is a great military look for men. The cut is very short yet stylish. The sides are kept very short and the top is left longer, so that it can be styled with a bit of gel or pomade.

6: The Sleek Pompadour

Virat with a sleek pompadour

The Sleek Pompadour is a modern version of the classic pompadour. The sides are trimmed super short and the top is swept up like a mini Mohawk. This is a very stylish and versatile look, perfect for any occasion.

7: The Comb Over

Virat with a comb over

The Comb Over is the perfect option for men who want to have fun and stylish hair. The sides are kept short and the top is swept to one side to create a mini Mohawk look. Create this look by adding some gel or pomade to keep your hair in place.

8: The Fluffy Side-Parted Hair

Virat with a fluffy side-parted hair

The Fluffy Side-Parted Hair is a great look for men who want to add some volume to their hairstyle. This cut has some length at the top with a
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