Wave Hairstyle For Black Hair

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Are you looking for a classic and beautiful hairstyle to jazz up your hair? You don’t need to spend hours in the parlor to get a striking hairstyle. Finger waves are making a big comeback, and they are the perfect way to add glamour and style to your hair. Black women have always captivated us with their beautiful hairdos. Whether it’s braiding or weaving, sometimes you just want something simple, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Finger waves are the perfect hairstyle if you want that classic, vintage look in just a few minutes!

Waves With Bangs

Black Women with Finger Wave Hairstyle

Adding bangs to a finger wave hairstyle will give you a gorgeous, vintage-inspired look. Getting the waves just right can take some practice, but don’t worry. With any hairstyle, practice makes perfect. Try this easy finger wave style out for a sexy and sultry look.

Twisted Updo

Black Women with Twisted Updo Finger Wave Hairstyle

A twisted updo combined with finger waves will give you a unique and stylish look. Start by dividing your hair into sections, then twist each section in half. Gently use a curling iron or a brush to create soft waves, and apply hair wax or pomade to each section as your finger wave it. You could also use your fingers to make the waves. When you’ve created your finger waves in all the sections, gather the sections of your hair on one side, and secure the gathered hair with an elastic band.

Faux Bob

Black Women with Faux Bob Finger Wave Hairstyle

A finger wave bob looks cool, modern, and stylish. It’s perfect if you want a more effortless look. Finger wave faux bob works well with shoulder length to chin length hair, but if you have longer hair, you can use a clip-in hairstyle to achieve the look. For shorter hair, you just need some hair wax or pomade, a brush, and a curling iron.

Half Up, Half Down

Black Women with Half Up Half Down Finger Wave Hairstyle

Adding some wave styling to your half up-half down hair will instantly transform your look and make you stand out from the crowd. To create this look, you’ll need to sweep your hair up into a half up-half down style and secure with a hairpin. Then you can use a brush and a curling iron to create the finger wave pattern. Finish off the look with some hair wax or pomade to hold the wave shape.

Long Hair

Black Women with Long Hair Finger Wave Hairstyle

If you have long hair and want to experiment with the finger wave style, this option is for you. This style is perfect for formal occasions, such as proms and weddings. To create this look, you will need to use a brush, curling iron, hair wax, and pomade. Start by dividing your hair into sections, and use the brush and curling iron to create the finger wave patterns. Once you have created the look, apply hair wax or pomade to hold the waves, and finish off the look with some hairspray.

With some practice and creativity, finger waves are an easy and stylish way to change up your look. You don’t need to spend hours in the salon to achieve a striking hairstyle. Whether you want to add a little glamour, or just want to look classic, these finger wave hairstyles for black women will keep you looking beautiful!

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