Wedding Crown Hairstyle

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Summer is full of nice weather, a lot of adventure and, for many brides-to-be, lots of planning for the big day. When it comes to deciding on a hairstyle, it is often one of the most difficult details to settle. Many brides are looking for a style that is truly unique, yet complimentary to their gowns of choice.

Braided Crowns are a popular choice for brides that are looking for a modern twist on a classic bridal style. Whether it is a half up and half down look, a full crown, or a side swept style, braided crowns can be tailored to flatter any bride.

Full Crown Look

Bride wearing a full crown look of braided hair

A full crown look adds a lot of drama to any bridal appearance. Whether it is a long and extravagant braid intertwined up the back of the head or a more intricate two-part design with a combination of Dutch, French, or other styles at the top, a full crown look definitely stands out. On either side, these styles can be left to cascade down naturally or can be secured with bobby pins for a more polished look.

Half Up Look

Bride wearing a half up look of braided hair

The half up look is perfect for a bride who wants some of her hair to drape down over her shoulders, yet still have something extra. It can easily be achieved by brushing the hair into a ponytail, and wrapping it in a few thick sections of braid. For an extra touch, ribbons and other small embellishments can be woven in.

Side Swept Look

Bride wearing a side swept look of braided hair

The side swept look fits perfectly with a bride who loves a romantic and undone style. Hair is usually pulled to the side and held with bobby pins, then drapes in a simple, yet elegant, French braid. To add extra texture, small pieces of the hair are tugged apart with the hands to create a more natural feel.

For the summer bride, braided crowns offer a unique and stunning look. They can be customised to fit any face shape and are perfect to inject some drama into any bridal look. So, for your next summer wedding, consider the classic beauty of a boho-chic braided crown for the perfect finishing touch.

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