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Creating the perfect bridal look for an upcoming wedding can be daunting for any bride. From incredible gowns to spectacular accessories, there’s a lot that goes into creating a timeless wedding ensemble. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is how to create the perfect bridal hairstyle. Braided crowns are an incredibly unique and modern way for the bride to truly make her look stand out. Incorporating this type of look is surprisingly easy and can be tailored to any bride’s desired style.

Classic French Braid Crown

A bride with a french braid crown hairstyle.

The classic French braid is a favorite among brides. It’s the perfect kind of hairstyle that works with any hair type and length. With this look, you’ll want to use any type of braid you’re comfortable with—it can be fishtail, regular or ribbon plait. Have your stylist pick up sections from the crown of your head, braid them and then wrap them around the head to create the perfect finished crown. You can accent this look in many ways, such as by adding fresh flowers or a veil. Another elegant addition would be a set of pearls or a crystal tiara.

Romantic Woven Rosette Crown

A bride with a woven rosette crown hairstyle.

For a more relaxed, bohemian aesthetic, the woven rosette crown is a great way to go. For this style, you and your stylist can work together to create a free-form pattern by weaving the hair around and over the center of your head. You can weave the strands up tight and keep them together, or you can create a looser, freer style. You can decorate the weave with glamorous crystal and pearl clips, or with natural decorations like seed beads and golden leaves.

Faux-Hawk Braid

A bride with a faux-hawk braid hairstyle.

The faux-hawk braid hairstyle is another modern look that is perfect for the bride who wants to have a fashion-forward approach to her wedding look. This look involves an intricate, crisscross pattern of braided hair on top of the head that goes all the way to the crown of the head. Various medium-sized braids are usually woven into this look, such as fishtail braids and Dutch braids. To complete the look, beautiful vintage Star of David or teardrop crystals can be added to highlight the braids.

Beautiful Braided Crowns

No matter what type of braided crown you choose, it is sure to make you look and feel like a princess on your special day. The best thing about braided crowns is that they’re versatile, timeless, and unique. So make sure to consider them for your upcoming wedding hairstyle. They are a great way to perfectly complement your beautiful wedding ensemble.

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