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Getting your hair prepped for the big day can be daunting – especially when you have so many other things to be taken care of! Fortunately, there are a few DIY wedding hairstyles that look great and can help you save time and money. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, these hairstyles are sure to be a hit.

Lifted Ponytail

This is the perfect hairstyle if your goal is to keep your hair off your face, but you still want to look stylish. Start off by lightly curling random sections of your hair with a curling iron. Next, pull your hair back into a low, loose ponytail, but don’t tie it off. Take a short piece of hair and wrap it around the base, and pin it in place to keep it secure. Spray the entire style with a light-hold hairspray and you’re ready to go!

Soft Updo

This DIY wedding hairstyle is an enchanting option for almost everyone. Start by dividing your hair into three even sections. These sections will form the foundation of your updo. Take the front section and, working one small section at a time, create large curls by wrapping each section around your curling iron. Next, lightly twist the bottom two sections and pin them at the back of your head. Finally, tuck the curls at the front in and around the twisted sections. Tug on the front curls to give the style even more volume. Finish by lightly spraying with hairspray.

Twisted Half-Updo

This hairstyle looks amazing with any hair length or texture. Begin by spraying your hair with a heat protectant spray and blow drying. Then divide your hair into two sections – top and bottom. Curl the entire bottom half with a small curling iron. Take the top section and divide it into three even sections. Twist the sections towards the back of your head and pin it in the center of your head. Spray the entire style with a light-hold hairspray and you’re good to go!

French Twist

This timeless style can be achieved in just a few easy steps. Begin by curling random sections of hair with a large curling iron. Next, take a thin section of hair from one side and twist it around itself, pulling it towards the back of your head. Then take a thin section of hair from the other side and twist it around the first one. Keep going until you reach the bottom of your head. Secure the style with several pins and spray it with a light-hold hairspray.

Whatever style you decide to go with, these DIY wedding hairstyles are sure to make you look fabulous and help you save money! So take some time to explore your options and decide which one is perfect for you. With a little practice and some creativity, you’re sure to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams.

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