Wedding Hairstyle With Crown

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No bride wants to spend a summer day with her hair in her face. Whether you are having an outdoor garden ceremony, beach side wedding, or boho chic celebration; summer brides want a hairstyle that looks good, but that won’t give them a headache either. A crown braid is the perfect style that shows off your beautiful locks and lasts throughout the day.

Braided Crown

picture of woman with braided crown hairstyle

This look is great for brides who want an elegant and chic style. The braid gives an effortless elegance, which makes it perfect for the bride who doesn’t excel at complex updos. The style uses a traditional French or Dutch braid and keeps the look soft and romantic. Crown braids are the perfect style for a boho bride or for a beachside wedding. You can even leave a few loose tendrils falling down to frame your face. For a more classic look, you can opt for an immaculately tailored braid that fits precisely to your face and ties into an updo that sits at the nape of your neck.


woman with half updo hairstyle

Half-updos are a timeless wedding hairstyle. They work for any season and for any type of wedding. The look is classic but you can still add a unique touch. You can add flowers, a veil, and other creative pieces to your half-updo if you want to make it more special. Half-updos leave your hair out and with some movement and texture, making them one of the most versatile and wearable looks for a summer bride. You can look sophisticated or exude casual elegance, depending on your look.

Beachy Waves

woman with beach waves hairstyle

Beachy waves are a chic, effortless style and they’re perfect for the summer bride. This look can be a little untamed and unkempt, but still give off an air of romantic sophistication. They work for an outdoor wedding and for an indoor reception. The best thing about beachy waves is that you can wear your hair down or up, depending on your personal preference or the requirements of your wedding. You can also add a headband or a flower to dress it up and make it more feminine.

French Twist

woman with French twist hairstyle

The French twist is a classic updo, but with a sophisticated and modern look. The style is perfect for summer weddings and it can be styled as either casual or formal. It can be dressed up by adding a few subtle accessories and you can even add a side braid to give the look a unique twist. A French twist is also a great way to beat the summer heat, since your hair will be off of your neck and back.

If you want to look gorgeous and stay cool on your summer wedding day, any of the hairstyles mentioned above can help you achieve the look you’re going for. From classic and elegant updos to casual and effortless waves, there are plenty of easy-to-style and comfortable hairstyles that will last throughout the day.

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