Wedding Hairstyle With Extensions

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Wedding day is the most important day in every couple’s life. Everyone wants to look pretty and perfect on their wedding day. Thus, this article is devoted to gorgeous long hair wedding hairstyles with hair extensions. There are countless ways to make long locks look amazing on your big day. Here we proudly present you some wedding hairstyles for long hair extensions.

Half-up Half-down Curls

Gorgeous curls are a timeless choice for any bride – and with a hint of added volume and length from hair extensions, this hairstyle will look extra-powerful. The half-up half-down curled hairstyle is the epitome of romantic elegance. Assembling your curls on the crown of your head will somewhat resemble a flower that you can even decorate with some fresh flowers if you want to add a special touch.

Half-up Half-down Curls

Long Flowy Ponytail

Who said ponytails can’t be elegant? Transform any fancy gown into a modern look with a long and nicely done ponytail with extensions. Ponytails with extensions, especially with side or center parts can look amazing on a wedding day. Get ready to add some volume and length to your lovely locks.

Loose Waves

Loose waves never go out of style. As far as wedding hairstyles go, this is one of the most popular for medium to long hair lengths. Just like with curls, loose waves can look extra-romantic on your big day. Hair extensions will provide you with extra length and volume you need if you don’t want to style your natural locks alone. The sides of your head should be gently shaped and all the hair should meet with precision – ever heard of the golden rule “the fewer pins, the better”?

Cascading Down Curls

What about wearing your hair down for your wedding? Composed curls cascading down your back are one of the timeless wedding hairstyles for long hair. Use extensions to create romantic volume and texture and show off all your beautiful features. Let your curls loosen up a bit and even color them a bit to provide freshness and youthfulness.

Half-up Combinations

Why compromise when you can have both? Let your beautiful locks look original and one-of-a-kind by compounding styles like horse tails, curls, and updos all in one hairstyle. Feel and look unique on your big day! Hair extensions will provide you with a fitting length, as long hair will be an essential part of these combinations.

Bridal Updo

On the opposite, you can also pull your long locks up in dazzling updos. Updos are the best option if you’re planning a large wedding day with a lot of activities. Hair extensions will make sure that your locks stay intact and won’t fall down quickly. You can also add a small detail or two in the form of a broach, lacy headband, fresh flowers, and even feathers. Superb!

Half-up Knot

A great way to combine comfort, elegance, and practicality for a modern bride is to try a half-up knot. Gather the top section of your hair, braid it, and secure with a hair tie – simple as that. Then add a touch of sparkle with crystals, ribbons, and pearls pinned into the knot. This is a stunning wedding style for both young and adult brides embraced with stunningly long hair.

So, lovely brides-to-be, do make sure to check out these long hair wedding hairstyles with hair extensions. All these unique looks are sure to make your big day even brighter and unforgettable. Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!

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